Staying Focused at Work During a Divorce

The divorce process is undeniably difficult for spouses to endure no matter who initiated it and, as a result, you may experience some challenges while attempting to focus at work. After all, this is an emotional time for you and you are likely feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the process and the uncertainty of the future. We compiled some tips that will help you stay focused at work while you dissolve your marriage.

Maintaining Focus While On-the-Job

Although many of us prefer to keep our personal life as private as possible, you should notify your supervisor of your divorce. There is no need to dive into the details; simply explain how it may impact your duties or if you will need any time off. Informing your supervisor or boss will ensure you are extended a little understanding and not expending energy on concealing it or making up excuses for why you might have to take time off to attend court or mediation sessions.

That said, while it may be helpful to tell your boss about your divorce, you should avoid telling your co-workers about it. The last thing you want is for your co-workers to regularly ask you about the process, no matter how well-meant their questions may be. Responding to these questions will distract and distress you, so try to be as discreet as you can.

The following tips can also help you focus at work during your divorce:

  • Find support outside of the workplace. The more time you spend on caring for yourself and using healthy outlets for venting your frustrations and fears, the better you will focus on the task at hand while at work.
  • Take all the breaks you are allowed and do something for yourself, whether it be a short walk, a healthy meal, or just a moment of peace and quiet.
  • Although you should avoid biting off more than you can chew, it would not be a bad idea to take on a few more tasks to distract yourself from your divorce. Just be wary of overdoing it.
  • Redecorate your workspace. Many of us keep photographs and other mementos where we work and, unfortunately, if you are going through a divorce, they may distract while you are trying to work.

Getting through this process might not always be perfect and you may get distracted some days, but with these tips in mind, you can navigate it more smoothly.

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