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Working to Establish Paternity

If the parentage of your child is contested, we can help with the legal steps to prove or disprove paternity. Though the process isn’t always easy—legally or emotionally—our Dallas paternity lawyers support our clients every step of the way, through research, fact-finding, the courtroom, and beyond.

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Proving Paternity

If a child’s mother is married, her husband is automatically considered the legal father of her child. If someone other than the mother’s husband is alleged to be the father, all parties involved must sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP).

If there is any dispute about paternity, an alleged father can go through the Office of the Attorney General to file a petition to establish a biological father. At that point, it’s relatively easy to prove paternity—a simple cheek swab test is performed by a certified agency. Reliable DNA results are available within a few weeks.

Disproving Paternity

To disprove paternity, a petitioner’s supporting affidavit must show that the legal father:

  • Is not the genetic father of the child
  • Was mistakenly named the legal father of the child
  • Believed he was the father of the child due to misrepresentation
  • Did not adopt the child
  • Did not use assisted reproduction to conceive the child with the child’s mother
  • Was not the intended father under a gestational agreement

A man may mistakenly be named the legal father of the child if he believed he was the father and signed an AOP without taking a genetic test. Alternatively, if the man does not contest parentage, a court order may be used to name a man the legal father of the child.

If mistaken paternity can be proved, Texas courts may terminate the duty to pay child support.

Get Legal Help

We know paternity can be a complicated and emotionally difficult subject. No matter your situation, we can provide the legal support you need to find out the truth and have it acknowledged in court.

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