Can I Start Dating Before I Finalize My Divorce?

Ending a marriage is a difficult and lonely experience that may leave you wanting to seek solace in a new relationship. While dating and finding someone new can certainly give you a self-esteem boost and provide some immediate gratification, it comes at a steep price on a variety of levels. Instead of rushing back into the dating scene or starting a new relationship, focus on bringing this chapter to a close as smoothly as possible. Be patient and avoid jeopardizing the outcome of your case.

Reasons Why You Should Postpone Dating

Although you are technically no longer with your spouse, the process is still ongoing and anything can happen or influence the outcome. The terms of your divorce will last for years to come and post-divorce modifications are generally not easy to obtain, so you must handle this situation with care. Moreover, if you truly are interested in building a better relationship with someone new, doing so while in the midst of a challenging and emotionally taxing process will not set you on the best path for that.

Here are some of the reasons why you should put a hold on dating for the time being:

  1. If you and your spouse are already on bad terms, dating before your divorce is finalized might aggravate the situation even further. Even if you are on relatively amicable terms, it might still hurt your spouse to see you move on so quickly, which can create some difficulties during the negotiation process. If you cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you will end up spending more time and money going through litigation. The best you can do is avoid this mess altogether by foregoing dating until it is over.
  1. If you have children, dating now will take some of your time away from them. Remember, divorce is even more difficult for them to cope with and they need you to be there for them to offer support and comfort. Otherwise, seeing you date might instill feelings of resentment toward you.
  1. Going through a divorce, no matter how necessary it may be, is a tough process that you will need to heal from. Take the time to examine what went wrong and be willing to admit your mistakes and the role you played in its occurrence. Once you fully examine this and engage in some introspection, you can move forward without repeating any of your past errors.

It might seem overly cautious to hit the brakes on dating, but getting through this the right way will help set you up for a better, brighter future and the possibility of a new love.

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