Modifying Child Custody After a Divorce

The child custody order you initially received after your split may not always be in the best interests of your children. If you need to modify it at any point, you can do so either by speaking to your co-parent about it and working out a new arrangement or by petitioning the court with your request for modification. However, even if you can agree to a new arrangement, you will still need to submit it to the court for approval.

Asking the Court for a Modification

Stability is essential for children to thrive and grow, so for your request for modification to succeed, you will need to prove a couple of facts. First, you must prove that there was a significant change of circumstances that impacts the well-being of your children. Second, you must prove that the modification is in the best interests of your children.

Below are some of the situations in which a judge may grant a modified custody order:

  • You are relocating and the current custody agreement will no longer be practical. A move is not necessarily reason enough for a judge to grant a modification, but if you can prove that it will have a positive impact on the children’s lives, it can help your case.
  • Your co-parent refuses to comply with the current child custody order and is interfering with your relationship with the children.
  • The needs of your children changed and need a different arrangement or environment to accommodate these changes. For example, the development of an emotional or physical disorder may require a modified order.
  • Either you or your co-parent’s situation changed. Whether the changes are positive or negative, this may warrant a modification.
  • The environment your children are currently in poses a danger to their well-being or safety and need to be removed from it. For example, if the custodial parent is struggling with substance abuse, this may pose a risk to the children.

If you are seeking a modification of your child custody arrangement, do not hesitate to hire an experienced attorney to assist you.

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