What is Parallel Parenting?

After a high-conflict divorce, it may seem impossible for former spouses to co-parent their children without turning every conversation into a full-blown argument. Under these circumstances, divorced couples may consider parallel parenting instead of co-parenting.

Is it Right for My Family?

Parallel parenting is a style of parenting that allows parents to raise their children with a very limited amount of contact between themselves. It is typically a solution for those who endured a particularly acrimonious split and need time to heal and cool off before they can begin interacting with one another more regularly. That said, for some, it may be a permanent arrangement if they believe cooperative communication will never be a possibility.

Below are some of the benefits of choosing parallel parenting:

  • It protects the relationships between parent and child: With parallel parenting, both parents will continue to have an active role in the lives of their children. Neither parent will have a greater amount of control over their children and will still partake in making everyday decisions.
  • It keeps your children away from potential conflict: Being exposed to conflict can be harmful to children. They may become anxious, fearful, or blame themselves for the conflict they witness. With parallel parenting, children are unlikely to experience the hostility between you and your former spouse, giving them a healthier environment.
  • It can reduce stress: Co-parenting in a high-conflict situation can create a lot of stress for parents who cannot get along. The parallel parenting model gives each parent the chance to focus on their own relationship with their children rather than on the negative feelings they have toward one another.

If you opt for parallel parenting to minimize contact with your former spouse, it is important to never ask your children to be messengers. If you absolutely need to communicate with your ex-spouse, do so yourself and do it directly. Using your children as messengers will only create more stress in an already difficult situation.

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