Reducing Conflict During Your Divorce

Even if your divorce started out amicably enough, it is not uncommon for things to spiral into hostile territory as the process moves forward. Keeping things civil in a divorce can be a major benefit. It can reduce stress, costs, and the length of time it takes to ultimately finalize it.

Tips for a More Amicable Divorce

Conflict and divorce often go hand-in-hand, but there are steps you can take to diffuse the fiery nature of this experience. An amicable divorce is beneficial to both parties, so if you are eager to move on with your life and avoid a messy battle, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Here are ways for you to reduce conflict during your divorce:

  1. Be a better listener: When you constantly interrupt someone, it can unintentionally cause conflict and completely miss out on what the other person is trying to express. Listen to what your spouse is trying to say. Being a better listener does not mean you have to agree with what is being said.
  1. Try to use messages that begin with “I”: When you are trying to express your emotions and needs, “I” is a great way to begin. For example, you can say, “I feel hurt when you blame me for the divorce.” Talking about your feelings this way is an effective approach to expressing yourself in a less aggressive manner.
  1. Use facts for support: Spouses often get caught up in arguments that are rooted in emotion instead of fact. Unfortunately, when you argue from a place of feeling, conflicts can spiral out of control and foster a lot of anger and hostility. Try to take a step back and lead with facts.

Minimizing conflict during your divorce will not only lessen your headache, but make this situation easier for your children to cope with.

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