How to Tell Your Friends and Family You Are Getting Divorced

If you are getting divorced, you will eventually have to break the news to your friends and family. These conversations will all be challenging. People often feel ashamed or are too embarrassed to admit that their marriage failed or they are simply not ready to face the reality of what is happening. Telling your friends and family that you are getting divorced is a big step toward acceptance, so continue reading for some tips on how to approach these conversations.

Talking About Your Divorce

Some couples may choose to tell their friends and family together while others are not on good enough terms to choose this approach.

Here are some tips on how to tell your friends and family about your divorce:

  • Be honest: People love to gossip, especially when it comes to relationships. You do not have to give all the nasty details behind why you split up, but be honest and try not to make your spouse look worse just for the sake of hoping rumors will spread. People will inevitably try to choose sides, but that does not mean you need to help facilitate these choices.
  • Do not overshare: While you will probably share more with your family and some of your closest friends, you may want to be a bit more reserved with most others. Even if what you are sharing is true, some of these details do not need to be out there for everyone to talk about. Moreover, if your spouse knows you are oversharing regarding the problems in your marriage, it can make things difficult.
  • Practice: Before you tell anyone, whether it be a friend or a family member, you may want to practice or plan what you will say. A bit of practice can help reduce the likelihood of any emotional outbursts, keeping you from sharing a detail you may want to keep to yourself.

Talking about your divorce and sharing this painful information will be difficult no matter what, but it can also be very cathartic. Remember to just be smart about how much you choose to share to avoid creating more hostility during the divorce process.

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