Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Divorced Parent

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everyone’s lives. If you recently lost your job, work from home, or are considered an essential worker, you are likely facing some very new challenges. If you are divorced and share children with your former spouse, your situation is probably even more difficult than most and you may have some questions about how to navigate the obstacles you are facing amidst this pandemic. Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Tips for Divorced Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The main thing to keep in mind as you continue to raise your children during the COVID-19 pandemic is that you and your former spouse must do what you can to comply with your child custody order. That said, given that everyone’s schedules may be vastly different, including your children, you may have to negotiate some adjustments. Now more than ever, it is essential for you to communicate more openly with your former spouse and be willing to compromise.

Here are some other tips that can help you navigate the pandemic with your co-parent:

  • Help your children cope with the changes brought on by the pandemic. Just because we all have to keep physical distance from each other does not mean we cannot communicate, so encourage them to call, video chat, or write to friends and family to remain connected. You should also find ways to help them keep active and limit screen time.
  • Talk to your co-parent about safety precautions to ensure you are both on the same page. If you are not, this will be a good time to work on a compromise that puts both of you at ease and ensures your children’s safety.
  • Try to be as creative as you can. None of us have any experience navigating this sort of situation, so this will require some trial and error. As long as you both continue to be respectful of one another’s relationship with the children, you can keep pushing forward.

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