How to Get Through the Workday During a Divorce

Getting a divorce can take a massive toll on a person and you may find yourself getting easily distracted during your workday. It is important to remain professional and perform your job duties, so you will need to find ways to get through the day, despite the personal challenges you are experiencing. Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Staying Focused at Work

Since your divorce will likely have an unavoidable impact on your work, you should mention it to your supervisor. However, instead of divulging any personal details, focus on how the divorce might directly affect your work. For example, if you are aware of any upcoming court dates or mediation sessions, this will be helpful for your boss.

If you are thinking of talking to your co-workers about your divorce, be careful about who you choose to tell. The more people you share this information with, the more likely it is they will question you about its progress, which can be distracting and derail your workday.

Here are some other tips that may also help you stay focused at work:

  • Try to limit any texts or other messages regarding your divorce unless it is a time-sensitive matter. The less you engage in these conversations during work, the easier it will be to maintain focus.
  • Look for support outside of work. Talking to a therapist or confiding in a close friend can help relieve the burden of this heavy experience.
  • Consider taking on more tasks at work to keep your mind busy. However, do not overwhelm yourself with so many additional tasks that it adds more stress to your life.
  • Take your allotted breaks. Going for a walk, getting a coffee, or even just taking a moment to yourself can help give the reset you need if your day becomes difficult.

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