Can I Move Away with My Children After a Divorce?

Life constantly changes, especially after a divorce. If you share children with your ex-spouse, however, certain changes in your life may impact your child custody agreement. For example, if you need to move to pursue a better career opportunity or to be closer to family, you cannot simply take the children with you. Under these circumstances, you and your former spouse should discuss the matter and try to reach an agreement that is best for your children. If you can achieve a resolution on your own, you must still seek the court’s approval to ensure it is in the children’s best interests.

Moving Away with Your Children

Not everyone is on amicable terms with their ex-spouse and, as such, it is not always feasible to work out a new child custody arrangement to accommodate relocation without taking the matter to court.

When making a decision regarding relocation, the court will examine several factors, including:

  • If it is possible for an alternative arrangement to allow the children to maintain a relationship with the non-moving parent.
  • The strength of the children’s bond and relationship with both parents.
  • If the parents have any prior agreements in place.
  • The impact moving or not moving will have on the child’s emotional, physical, and educational development.
  • The intent of the parent who is pursuing the move.
  • If it is possible or desirable for the other parent to move as well.

Below are some examples in which a judge may grant such a request:

  • To pursue an educational opportunity
  • A new job or an opportunity for increased income
  • To live closer to extended family who can also provide care and support for the children

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