How is Child Custody Determined?

For a parent, nothing is more important than their children, which is why child custody is often the most contentious and emotionally taxing matter in a divorce. Generally, family courts believe it is in a child’s best interests to maintain a healthy bond with both parents. The details of a custody arrangement, however, are based on several different factors, which a judge will closely examine before rendering a decision.

How Family Courts Make Child Custody Decisions

Stability is important for children, so family courts often try to select an arrangement that minimizes the amount of disruption they may experience as a result of the divorce.

Here are some of the factors a judge will examine in a child custody case:

  • The ability of each parent to provide for the physical, medical, and emotional needs of the children.
  • The ability of each parent to provide a loving and stable home for the children. In some cases, parents may be required to submit to a child custody evaluation.
  • If the children are mature enough, a judge may consider their wishes.
  • Each parent’s living accommodations. For example, will your children have their own separate rooms or will they have to share?
  • The overall physical and mental health of each parent.
  • The willingness of both parents to support one another’s relationship with the children.
  • If either parent has provided most of the children’s care in the past.
  • If either parent falsely accused the other of abuse or neglect.
  • Confirmed evidence of neglect, abuse, or domestic violence by either parent.
  • Any other factors a judge considers pertinent to the case.

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