Why You Should Create Consistent Routines for Kids After a Divorce

Stability is essential for children, especially in the aftermath of a divorce when life can seem uncertain and unpredictable. To help your children feel secure, you and your former spouse should discuss creating consistent rules and routines across both households. Consistency in parenting can reduce your children’s anxiety and lessen the tension between you and your former spouse.

Creating a Stable Environment

Divorce can take a heavy toll on children, affecting their confidence and sense of security. For the sake of their mental wellbeing, you should work together to create consistent rules in both households, including curfew, hygienic routines, and expectations regarding their academic performance. Having similar rules in both households will create less confusion and stress, making it easier for them to cope with the changes brought on by the divorce.

Routines and rules will not only help your children adjust to the changed situation, but they will also help them develop healthy habits, boundaries, and self-discipline.

Consider asking the following questions as you collaborate on creating consistent routines and rules for your children:

  • Which issues are you willing to be flexible on?
  • Which issues do you have a more steadfast stance on?
  • How do you plan on communicating the rules and routines to your children?
  • Will one parent be responsible for handling certain issues?
  • What are the rewards and consequences for good or bad behavior?
  • What are the benefits or downfalls of your approach?
  • What issues do you expect to encounter?

You should also keep in mind that there may be slight variations between households since you and your former spouse may have very different schedules or lifestyles. However, you and your co-parent should do your best to keep certain key rituals in place to ensure your children feel safe amidst this transitional period in their lives.

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