Rebuilding Trust with Your Co-Parent

In the aftermath of your divorce, your relationship with your co-parent may feel more than a bit strained and the trust you once had may have been damaged. However, in most cases, this damage is not irreparable, which is why it is essential for divorced parents to work on repairing it for the benefit of their children. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to proceed.

Learning to Trust Your Co-Parent Again

Rebuilding trust with your ex-spouse is not only good for your children, but it is also good for you and your co-parent since it will greatly reduce tension and conflict.

Here are some tips that can set you on the right path toward rebuilding trust:

  • One of the biggest steps you can both take toward rebuilding trust is by supporting one another’s relationship with the children. Regardless of the unresolved issues you may have, you are both still their parents and it is important to encourage your children to respect the other parent.
  • If you make plans with your children or any other promises, be sure to keep them. If you consistently fail to keep your word, this will only continue to further erode the trust between you, making your co-parenting relationship even more challenging.
  • Ask for each other’s opinions regarding certain key child-related decisions. Showing that you value each other’s opinions will not only heal broken trust, but it will also help foster respect between you and your co-parent.
  • No one is perfect and, regardless of the trust you rebuild, you will both make mistakes. When you make a mistake or realize you were wrong about a particular issue, be willing to admit it and apologize. Genuine apologies are a major step in rebuilding trust.

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