Under What Circumstances is Supervised Visitation Ordered?

Family courts typically believe it is in the best interests of a child to maintain a relationship with both parents. However, in some cases, when leaving a child alone with a parent may pose a risk to that child’s wellbeing, a judge may order supervised visitation. Doing so can help maintain the relationship while ensuring the child’s safety. Continue reading to learn more about the situations in which supervised visitation may be ordered.

Why Supervised Visitation is Necessary

Supervised visitation is often a temporary arrangement. It is designed to give the supervised parent a chance to address the issues or circumstances that led to the order. If no changes are made or if unsupervised visitation is still considered a risk to the child’s safety, the order will likely continue.

Here are some circumstances in which this type of order may be necessary:

  • There is a history of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse
  • The parent has a drug or alcohol problem
  • The parent has a mental illness that may harm the child
  • There is a risk of abduction or kidnapping
  • There is a history of neglect
  • The parent does not have an established relationship with the child
  • The parent was absent for a long period of time from the child’s life
  • There were other potentially harmful or dangerous situations

Generally, visitation will take place in a designated location where a monitor, such as a social worker, can observe the parent-child interactions. In some cases, a judge might allow an acquaintance, relative, or friend to monitor these visits if the parents can agree on who to select. Parents should be sure that the person they choose is trustworthy and reliable.

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