Challenges in a Gray Divorce


Getting a divorce is difficult no matter what age you are. However, if you are getting a divorce and are 50 years of age or more, the challenges you face will differ compared to the ones you would face if you were younger and still in your prime income-earning years. Although gray divorces were less common in the past, they are becoming increasingly common now and are expected to continue their upward trend. Continue reading to find out more about the challenges you may encounter in a gray divorce.

The Unique Challenges You May Face

Ending your marriage at a later stage in life can be daunting. You may be retired or planning to retire soon and splitting your assets, especially your retirement assets, can potentially alter your plans for the future. That is why it is more crucial for older couples who plan on divorcing to make adjustments to their lifestyle to accommodate the changes they will experience as a result of their split.

Here are some other challenges for you to consider:

  • Health complications often accompany older age, so health insurance is important for you to have. If you were receiving these benefits through your partner, however, this can put you in a precarious situation. Moreover, if your spouse is holding the life insurance policy, you may be removed from this policy, which can also be a major hit.
  • In a divorce between younger spouses with minor children, child custody is one of the biggest concerns. If you are going through a gray divorce, however, chances are that your children are adults. That said, this situation often comes with its own unique challenges. If you cannot care for yourself after your divorce, one of your adult children may have to take you in. Even if you are not in need of their assistance, your divorce can still have an impact on your family and create conflict between you and your adult children.

Every divorce comes with its own obstacles. If you are going through a gray divorce, however, it is even more essential to plan for the changes your lifestyle will endure as a result of your split.

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