Is it a Good Idea to Tell My Boss About My Divorce?

Divorce is a very personal matter, which is why it may not seem like a good idea to discuss it with your boss. However, this is a major life-altering event, so your immediate supervisor or boss should have an understanding of what is going on in your life. That said, you should not dive into the more personal matters of your divorce or what led up to the end of your marriage. To keep the conversation professional, focus on how it may potentially impact your workload and schedule.

How to Have the Conversation

It is important to broach this conversation with your boss in a manner that is professional and helpful for your boss.

Here are some tips that will help you get through it:

  • Try making an outline of the conversation and what you wish to focus on. It would be a good idea to discuss the impact it may have on your work schedule and if you may need some help with your workload. If you know of any upcoming mediation sessions or court dates, provide this information, so your boss can accommodate your schedule. Hold back on the personal details.
  • Although you should avoid divulging what went wrong in your marriage, it is okay to let your boss know if you might need a little extra time or some understanding during this difficult time.
  • You should never use your divorce as an excuse for why you are not performing at work. Despite the fact that this is a challenging time for you, your boss and co-workers are still counting on you to be a team player, so try not to take advantage of their goodwill.

You should also make sure you ask your boss about any paperwork that needs to be updated due to the change in marital status.

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