Can I Modify My Alimony Payments?

If your financial circumstances significantly changed and you need to make some changes to your alimony payments, you can discuss the matter with your former spouse. In cases where spouses can successfully work out a new agreement, both parties will be able to save time and money in court. If they cannot, however, the petitioning party can always take the matter to court.

Modifying Your Alimony Agreement

Life rarely remains the same. If your alimony agreement is no longer suitable for your circumstances and you cannot agree to a modification with your former spouse, you should act quickly and take your case to court. Typically, a judge will only grant this request if the petitioning spouse can show a change in circumstances that were both involuntary and significant.

If the circumstances that led to your request were voluntary, a judge will not grant your request. For example, if you quit your job or opted for one with a substantially lower income simply to lower your payments, you will continue to have to comply with your current alimony agreement.

Here are some circumstances in which your modification request may be granted:

  • You became disabled and can no longer work.
  • You lost your job or your boss demoted you, resulting in a reduction of pay.
  • You are the payee and your former spouse remarried or is living with someone new.
  • You or your former spouse experienced a significant increase in income.

In cases where the receiving party remarries, alimony is usually automatically terminated. Speak with an experienced attorney to ensure you understand your rights and secure the best outcome for your post-divorce modification case.

Let Our Family Law Team Assist You with Your Alimony Modification Case!

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